Digital Smoke:

1. Start by makeing a new canvus that is however big the image you want to be. With the fill tool, fill the image with black. The first step after that is to add noise. Go to Filter>Noise>Add Noise. Amount = 400 (or as high as it goes) Distrabution = Uniform Monochromatic "checked" It then should look very similar to the picture on the left.

2. Next run the Filter>Texture>Patchwork and use the settings Square Size = 8 and the Relief = 0

3. Now use Filter>Stylize>Glowing edges and use the settings Edge width = 14, Edge Brightness = 5, Smoothness = 5

4. Now hit "D" on your keyboard and run the difference clouds filter TWO times and it should look similar to the graphic below:

5. The final step, if you want color, is to go to Image>Adjust>Hue/saturation. Here is where you can adjust the whole image to the color you want. Then you are done.