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Vecpix, the name though puzzles some of our visitors is actually a combination of 2 graphic designing elements, that includes Vector designing represented by 'VEC' and Pixel graphic designing or Raster Graphics represented by 'PIX', launched in 1st quarter of 2003, Vecpix is a unique online educational resource devoted to offering the very best tutorials on the Web for graphic design students and professionals. Vecpix has a database of several highest quality tutorials on the Web either collected or submitted by various designers.

Our "tutorial submission" service which receives hundreds of e-mails each week. Our swift response team ensure our users receive quality service in a timely fashion. These services, and the fact they are provided free, ensure we have a very high user loyalty.

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If you are looking to reach a highly targeted audience in over 300 categories, Vecpix can deliver your audience. Your product or service will benefit from our targeted advertising as our users have a direct interest. We can ensure when advertising on Vecpix your advertising dollars are well spent.

We offer the most user friendly advertising solutions to complement your site. If you are looking for targeted or run of site advertising we can provide you with the perfect solution to your advertising needs.

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Your banner will appear in the top, top left corner or bottom of our site providing users instant visual awareness and easy access. Advertising on Vecpix can create a strong awareness of your product and encourage consumers to build a relationship with your company. This will give you a competitive advantage over those who do not use the Internet as an advertising medium. Watch your sales increase with banner advertising on Vecpix!

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