We start this tutorial out with a certain color. The colors are as following:
Red = 19
Green = 54
Blue = 78
If you dont know how to set the colors by RGB colorization then just save the image above and work off of that.

Next get the color dodge tool and with a small bruh size make a white circle in the middle. Then after that get the smudge tool and make some little flares coming off the sides by draging some of the whitness out-word.

In the next step all you use is the color dodge tool with a small small brush to mke many manylines in the way that you want. A lot of lines....

.............And more lines

Then we go to image>adjust>brightness/contrast and make the brightness around -25 and the contrast about 60.

Then if you still dont like the color you can mess with it in image>adjust>hue/saturation.