Color Drawing

This tutorial is very easy....hope you guys will enjoy.In this tutorial we will convert a real time photo into a colored drawing.

I have taken a picture of chairs. Select the image layer and right click to Duplicate Layer. Name this layer "Sketch".
Now you have two layers containing the same image.

Now select the layer named "Sketch" and desaturate it ,you can do this by going to Image > Adjustments > Desaturate.
Now go to Filter > Stylize > Find Edges.

Its looking quite Fuzzy, we will retouch it to make it look like a colored sketch.(to get rid of fuzziness play around with Brightness and Contrast. because every image has its own resolution so you may not get the desired result after applying Find Edges filter. try to brighten the image more and higer the contrast (Image > Adjustments > Brightness and Contrast) after applying Find Edges Filter.)

Now select the "Sketch" layer and go to Layer > Add Layer Mask > Reveal All.

Opps nothing no see the layer pallette you can see another white color square side by the "Sketch" layer icon.

Now select Erasor Tool from tool bar and select any blurred brush from palette.

Set the brush size to 79, Mode: Brush, Opacity: 23, Flow:100.

Befor Erasing the mask make sure the layer mask is selected . If it is not seleted then do this by clicking the white square of the "Sketch" layer.

Now with the erasor tool selected slightly erase some part of the picture and color it unless you are satisfied. (You can set the opacity of the brush more or less to get the desired effects)

You will get the result like the image below:

See more samples below:


The tutorial is written by "Marie"