Pure Metal Effect

Hi Guys, Dont worry this effect does not require space science knowledge but just an illusion of pure white and black colors. Normally metal effects are illusions of white and black colors but, no doubt, they look so complicated and cool. I will not take any more time of yours and lets start with this.

Write some thing big and bold, and use "#C4C4C4" for the text color.

Start with "Inner Shadow" and use these settings:

Use these settings for "Outer Glow".

For "Bevel and Emboss" use these settings.

Use "Satin" with these settings.

You are almost done now you are just a "Stroke" away:

Dont worry if your effects are not same.Some times different fonts show different effects with same settings, Try to change "Satin" values. You will surely get your dream effect.

Have Fun........"MARIE"

The tutorial is written by "Marie"