Colored Glass Effect

Hi Guys.....Marie is again here to flash up your sites, Just follow my rules and Jazz Up.

Today we will make cool colored "glass effect" with a tinge of metal.Hope you will enjoy this tutorial.

Write some thing bold and big. (i recommend to use a bold and big font so that effects can take place and you can see them clearly.On a thin font these effects might not take place.)For font color use #187485.

Start from "Inner shadow" and set these values:

Set these values for "Inner Glow"

Now go to "Satin"

Its time for "Color Overlay" now.

Use a britning shade of Pink, I have used #F700AE for tihis effect. how ever you can try different colors to get different results but for the time being we will use a bright pink.

And just last thing to finish, (little, cute) "Stroke" For stroke color i used "#4A4A4A"

Have Fun......"MARIE"

The tutorial is written by "Marie"