Size animation:

In this Tutorial, I will show you how to make an expanding animated image.

Let's begin in Photoshop by creating a new file, 150 X 150 pixels on a transparent background.

1.) Select the Eliptical Marquee tool. (M)

2.) In the options bar, go to the Style pull down and select Fixed size.

3.) Again, in the options bar, enter 150 px for Width and Height.

4.) Click on work area to execute Marquee and drag until centered. Fill now with your choice of color.

5.) Next, de-select Selection (CTRL + D). Click on the Jump To ImageReady button, located at the bottom of the Tool palette.

6.) The newly created image will move there automatically. For now, We will be working with the Layers palette.

7.) Go to Layer > Duplicate Layer.(Repeat process until there are 4).

8.) Click on bottom layer 1 and go to Edit > Transform > Numeric. (Dialog box will appear). Enter 20% under scaling. Repeat the process with the next three layers at 40%, 60% and 80%. When finished, the Layers should look like this:

9.) Now, We will work with the Animation palette. (If not visible at present, Go to Window > Show Animation).

10.) Click the black arrow on the upper right of the palette and Go to Make Frames From Layers. (Frames will be generated of all the Layers).

11.) Select frame 5 by Clicking on it and select the New Frame button. (A duplicate will be created.)

12.) Next, in the Layers palette, Click top Layer and adjust the Opacity of the frame. (I used 43%, the object here is to lighten the image).

13.) Set times. Click on each frame to set delay times.

14.) You may now view your animation by pressing Play in the Animation palette.