Draw a girl

Welcome~! This tutorial is based on how I draw in Illustrator~ I'm still learning how to use it~ ^^; But, I'll show you anyway~ I used Illustrator 9.0. This will work with other versions as well~ If you have any questions, please use my email from at my page~ It's in the links section. NOW, LETS BEGIN~ =D:

STEP 1:First off, open up a new image~ Now we wanna use the pencil tool Now were gonna start off with the face shape. Make sure your line and your fill color at the same. You can do that by selecting a color. Suppose you chose it for the fill color, now drag that color over into the line color box.
Here's a screenshot, pointing out which one is fill, and line color. Now when you draw your face shape, make sure to draw the whole face, from the starting point, then back the starting point, or it'll turn into a weird shape.

STEP 2: Now, make a new layer~ Call it "eye lines". Just press this button in the layer panel. Now start drawing the eyes~ First I drew the top and bottom part of the eye, with eyelashes~

STEP 3: Now make another layer, and drag it under "eye lines" layer, and call this layer "iris". You know how eyes are white around the iris? Well, do that with your person~! Draw the white part. After you've done that, draw the iris part of the eye. Just draw a cirle, then put in shading, and the pupil. As for the shiny parts, I chose the color white and drew abunch of circles over the iris. I like to change the transparancy. Just go to your transparancy panel and change the opacity before you start drawing the circles.

STEP 4:Then, make a new layer, above all layers, and name is "hair". Just draw hair however you want the hair to look like~ Also draw in eyebrows.^^

STEP 5: Then, I did the highlights, and shading in the hair~ I did the yellow lines in the hair be deleting the fill color~

It should look something like this. The fill color should have a line striked through it. Vice Versa. If you look closely, I Also did some shading in the face~ You can do this in solor shading, or airbrushy shading~ To do the airbrush like shading, you draw your normal shading shape. Then go to Effect>>Blur>> Gaussian blur. Remember, your shape has to be selected, in order the blur to work.

*NOTE: Illustrator isn't like photoshop, so there is no option to save transparency, or "lock" in here. So when you shade, you will go outside your shape. But! If you use the mask tool, (the button in the layer panel), you can duplicate the shape you wanted to shade in, then press the mask button. It will disappear, but that's ok. Now you can shade in that layer, and go outside the shape and not have to worry about going outside the lines! O_O! Screenshot to show what I'm talking about~

This just make shading ALOT easier.


STEP 6: Time to make yet, ANOTHER Layer. This will be your body~ But I do the body parts on different layers, for easy shading. So just start drawing your body parts.



STEP 7:Since I wanted my dress to be white, I made a new layer, at the very bottom of all the layers, and colored it a random color, so I know that I'm drawing the dress, without forgetting to colors in parts. Then I shaded it with the gradient.

To change the color, just click on the squares, then move all the way over to the color boxes under the tools panel, then you just change it to whatever color. After, you can go to the swatches to adjust the color if needed. You can change the angle as well, but typing in a number, in the angle box.

STEP 8: After, I just drew the legs, and the purse. Just the leftover details~ Like shading and such~ I finished off the hair, in a low layer, so it won't go over the face of shoulders~ Now save your work~ Save it as an ai file.

STEP 9: Now, you can work on the background~ you can either do it in Illustrator, or go to photoshop. =D If you make your background in photoshop, make sure there is no background layer under your drawing, so that when you import it into photoshop, the picture will be transparent~ =D Now you can do your background, however you want.