Drawing A Kitty

1 Select the Elliptical tool.

2 Draw out an oval.

3 Click on the Polygon tool. Click inside the artboard and set the Sides to 3.

4 With the triangle selected, choose Effect>Style>Round Corners and set Radius to 10 pt.

5 Move the anchor point to the bottom and then rotate.

6 Select the Reflect tool and click while having the triangle selected. Set to Vertical and Copy to create an opposite duplicate.

7 Create an oval and duplicate it. Move it into place.

8 Create another triangle. Flip it using the Reflect tool. Round the corners as shown above. To shorten the triangle just pull down a little on it's bounding box. At this point if you want to make all your strokes the same, go ahead and set them all to 1 pt.

9 Duplicate that triangle and flip it. Arrange it behind the cheeks and the nose by clicking Ctrl+[ three times.

10 Create a circle for the back of the eye and duplicate it.

11 Select the triangle of the ear. Press Ctrl+C then Ctrl+F to copy and paste. Scale it down to 50%. Do this for both ears.

12 Using the Line Segment tool create a straight line. Above that create a smaller slanting line. Press Alt+Shift+Drag to duplicate. Press Ctrl+D to duplicate some more. Press Ctrl+G to group

13 With it still selected choose Warp Options>Arc and set to Horizontal and +50%. Reduce if necessary and reset the stroke weight to 1 pt. Select Expand Appearance. Flip vertically. Duplicate and flip vertically. Set in place.

14 Using the Pen tool create a piece that looks like the one below.

15 Draw the next piece as shown below. Send to the back.

16 Draw the back area and send to the back.

17 Draw the tail.

18 Color the pieces. Take the stroke off of all except the eyelashes. Group the piece.Make a copy of the piece. Ungroup that piece and use the Pathfinder>Add to shape area to create one solid graphic. Uncheck Fill Color and check Stroke. Set to Round Cap and Round Join. Set the color piece on top.

19 Create a rectangle for the background. Create a spiral with the Spiral tool. Select the Path Type tool and type some words. Select the Knife tool and with the background rectangle selected make some cuts for stripes. Color them. Create a second rectangle a little larger and send to the back. Set the cat inside the piece. Add some stars and now you have either a card or an advertisement piece. Add your name to the piece or your company's name and your set to go.