Automating Fireworks:

In my four years of experience as a Web Designer, I always came across times when I had to do the the same kind of task again an again repeatedly not while working on the same project but also while on different projects. I had to use a certain element again and again but on different pages.

For e.g.. While showing a particular client a particular website created in the past, so while browsing through it the clients eyes could catch something interesting and he would want me to create the same effect again on his site too. Initially I would find myself in a fix as most of the times I would have forgotten the steps involved in creating the particular effect as there was a lot of work before the DotCom bubble bursted, and would not remember how I had created that particular effect like which font, which colour in RGB or Hex Code values or also maybe there was a better way that I could share certain things created by me with a friend of mine without me having to explain him step by step as how I created the particular Design or Effect.

So I would like to share with the novice Web & Graphic designer a thing called recorded Actions or Using history as Commands in Macromedia Fireworks also known as Batch scripting.


1). Open a new document Width: 300, Height: 100.

2). Now I have created the following Design.

3). I want to put some text as shown below on to it at the same time I want to share the effects with some friend of mine or maybe use it at a later date, So I record the actions that are needed.

4). Now take care and follow precisely: Before you start off with creating the text, open the History palette Window -> History or by pressing Shift F10. You will see a series of steps being displayed as you went on creating your graphic now just remember the last item on the list. Now start creating your text. After you have finished creating your text just select from the steps beginning the creation of the steps of the text to the end. You can do this by pressing Shift and simultaneously clicking on the first step and the clicking on the last step created then click on the small triangle to open the fly-out.

5). You will get a small pop up asking you to give a name to the command.

6). I have given it a name as sun text, after you do this you can access the command from the menu Commands -> Sun Text (or the name you gave)

7). After clicking, it will create the text that you had created previously. Open a new document and just go to Commands -> Sun text (or the name you gave) and it will create the text. Fireworks stores the command that you just created in the
Fireworks 4\Configuration\Commands\sun text.jsf
go there copy the particular file and paste it in your friends computer in the
Fireworks 4\Configuration\Commands
folder, The best part is you don't even need to reboot Fireworks.