Creating a Heart Symbol:

In this tutorial I will show you a trick to create symmetrical objects in Macromedia Fireworks

1) Open a new file with 200 x 200 x 72(dbi) pixels

2) Make sure the Rulers are on, if not go to View > rulers, Drag a guideline right in the center at 100 pixels

3) Here I am trying to draw a symmetrical heart, Select the pen tool and draw one half of the heart as shown below

4) Now copy this shape and paste it again on the same canvas, by default it will be pasted on the original shape created, select it with the arrow tool and move it aside as shown below

5) Now go to Modify > Transform > Flip Horizontal, it should look like as shown below.

6) Your heart is taking up shape now as you can see, Now comes the real trick, do not worry its not very tricky but, Trust me.

7) Align the shape you just pasted on the right to the one on the left so that both the upper and lower points stick to each other by their edges, the trick to do this is to, go to Modify > Align > Center Horizontal, u will get something like shown below.

8) Now keeping both the shapes selected go to Modify > combine > Union

9) Viola............your symmetrical heart shape is ready !