CorelDRAW 9 Crystal Text Tutorial

Crystal. Wow! As with most things I've done in CorelDRAW 9 this Crystal look is extremely easy to achieve. In less than 1/2 hour you can apply this effect to any text you want. Due to the nature of this effect I added a background so it would show up better.

Draw a rectangle large enough to hold your text and fill it with a color that will contrast the effect.

Using the text tool, type the text you want. Wide fonts work best with this effect.

With the text still selected click on the Interactive Fill Tool. Your image should now be similar to the one below.

Here comes the tricky part. I used a medium gray and white to create my linear fill. From the color palette on the right of the CorelDRAW 9 interface drag white to the linear fill line and drop it. Again, from the color palette drag a medium gray to the linear fill line just to the right of the white you dropped earlier and drop it. Continue dragging and dropping alternately the white and the gray until you fill up the line as shown below.

This next step has nothing to do with the text but I thought it made for a more interesting background. Select the rectangle and using the Contour Tool, drag from the top right corner towards the center of the rectangle. You should now have something similar to the image below.

Deselect the rectangle and select the text. Again select the Contour Tool and drag it from the left side to the right until the Contour line stops expanding (somewhere in the middle) as shown in the image below.

With the text still selected add a drop shadow. Use any color you like. I chose a maroon color. Your image should be similar to the image below.

Export the image. After exporting the image I opened it in another image editing package and using the Star filter from Plugin Galaxy I added the highlights to end up with the image below.