Crystal Ball Tutorial

This tutorials will show you an easy way to make a crystal ball.

First resest max. The choose the sphere Object Then take your cursor and make a nice sized sphere.

Now press "m" to bring up the material editor, and select a normal gray unmodified material and check the three boxed circled below

Now we have to make a nice reflection. To do this go to "maps" in your material editor, and open it up. Then check reflection, and click were it says "none" to chose he image that you want it to reflect. To get the right effect you are going to need something that is a shiny crome color. If your verrsion of max came with the materials that mine did than chose the crome material below

Now we need to give the ball a "see through" affect. To do this go to maps, and checkk "opasity" and were it says "none" clcik and chose "falloff"

Now scroll back up to were the material colors are now you are all done, when it is rendered you should get an image very close to the one below