This tutorial shows you how to use the NURMS (NonUniformally Rational MeshSmooth) feature in 3D Studio Max Version 3.0

  • NURMS output approximates a NURBS surface by defining vertices of a polygon lattice.

  • Weighted vertices and edges for NURMS provides a true, clay-like modeling feel while interactively modeling the defining mesh.

  • NURMS vertex weights can also be controlled from the base EditableMesh.

Now to use this tool, we are going to make an eye.

  •  Begin with a simple Spline (in Red).
  • Select it from the Sub-Object menu.
  • Scale the Spline with the "shift" key in order to get the second Spline.
  • Repeat this process four times, and you will create five Splines (like the picture on the right).
image 3  
  • Go in the "Modify " panel and apply the "CrossSection" modifier.
  • Add the "Surface" modifier in Patch Topology Steps 0.
 image 4
  • Bend the model 25 degrees.
  • Go in the "Modify " panel and apply the "Edit Mesh" modifier.
  • In the Vertex Sub-Object menu, select Vertex and move it up and down along the Edges.
image 5  
  • Now; to stop working in the low polygon mode, apply the "MeshSmooth" Modifier in the NURMS mode. If you want to modify your mesh, go down in the Sub-Object Stack, press "Show end result on/off toggle" and move the vertex with "Edit Mesh": it's great to use NURMS to make Morphed Targets.
 image 6
  • To make the Iris of the eye - scale and rotate a Geosphere and apply an Iris bitmap.
  • Add a second small Geosphere between the skin and Iris.
image 7  
  • To make a nice skin color material, use the Multi-Layer Rendering Shader to mix a hard specular and with a softer one.
  • You can now see, the incredibly smoothed result of NURMS.
  • Now you can continue modeling the rest of the face using the same method.

image Finale